Are the Bach flowers remedies essential oils ?

No. Flower essences contain no physical part of the plant in the flower as essential oils. They do not contain smell, taste, allergens...They can not harm anybody. For example, a person who is allergic to Wild Rose can safely ingest the wild rose flower essence without experiencing any allergic reaction.  

The Bach Flower Remedies are considered homeopathic. 

Essential Oils are oils from different plants and flowers. They smell very strongly, they contain physical part of the plant and some of them should be avoided for people with different illnesses, pregnancy or allergenic reactions. 

Do Bach flower remedies go out of the date?

It is recommendation to keep Bach flower remedies in their concentrated form for up to 5 years, but usually if they are kept in good condition you can use them even much longer.

How many remedies  I can  mix in the same time?

The maximal number is 7 remedies in mixing bottle.

How quickly I will start to feel a difference?

This is very individual as this depends of the person individually. Each person is different.  Some people  can change their mood very quickly and for some of them it can take time. Some of them could feel effect of improvement after few days of taking. Rescue Remedy as a first aid will take effect immediately. 

Can I get Bach Flower remedies without alcohol?

Yes, you can get Bach Flower remedies with glycerin base instead of alcohol.

Can I take Bach Flower remedies with other medicines?

Yes, you can mix Bach Flower Remedies with other medicines. Bach Flower Remedies consist energy in the bottle,  and no any other chemical substance that could interfere with other medications. The only exceptions is negligible amount of alcohol in the bottle, so if your doctor ask you to avoid alcohol with medicines, it is recommended to use glycerin base instead and consult first with your doctor.

Do they have placebo effect?

No. Bach Flower remedies are very effective with animals, babies, plants as well as in helping skeptical people who try them as a last resort. They are working for those who are not even aware of taking them. Rescue Remedy can help people who are out of the consequence to go back to normal. Plants also benefit from the remedies, for example, Rescue Remedy helps the plants to flourish after being moved.

What if I choose wrong combination of flowers?

Even if you choose wrong combination of flowers this will not have any negative effect. There will not be any reactions at all.

Can pregnant women and babies take Bach Flower Remedies?

Yes, Bach Flower Remedies are completely safe for pregnant women and babies. 

Can I overdose with Bach flower remedies?

No, you cannot overdose. 

Do they have side effects?

No, Bach Flower Remedies don’t have side effects. 

Are they addictive?

No, Bach Flower remedies are not addictive. They don’t consist any chemical ingridients. 

What if Bach Flowers remedies don't have effect?

That means the choice of remedies in combination was not right, or we haven't used them as long as needed. It's important to chose the right flower for specific emotion. For example: if you are afraid of something specific(Mimulus) and taking remedy for fear of unknown things (Aspen), this remedy will not have effect as there is nothing to work on.

What if Bach Flowers remedies change my character and I don't want this to be changed?

Bach Flower Remedies can help you to be in balance with your specific type of personality. They are not changing your personality. They are helping you to feel good in your skin and making changes only if you are personally willing to change.