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Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner & Level 1 Teacher

My practice is based on  self help system with Bach Flower essences developed by Dr Edward Bach.

I am teaching people how to use this natural and simple system in order to retain their emotional balance.

I have always believed that Nature has a cure for us, and  finally, I found that cure !  Bach Flower remedies support me through my life journey for more then 10 years now, and my experience with them is amazing. 

During my education, and my professional carrier I have attended many workshops, seminars, and training's based on self help energy healing, but nothing was so  effective as Bach Flower Remedies. 

These beautiful gifts of Nature helped me to release deeply rooted old patterns and believes during big life changes and transitions, and provided me wonderful  support for new beginning. During this process of  self awareness and self discovery, I have learnt  how to retain my emotional balance, and the most important, I have gain internal emotional stability and freedom I have always wanted. 

After my own successful example in personal growth and development and many other examples, I have realized the true power and benefits of these essences, and I decided to share my passion and knowledge to others through my own professional practice. 

I completed my education for certified Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner  by approved Bach Center program (www.bachcentre.com) in Europe, and continued training for Level 1 Teacher at Bach Flower Education in USA. I am working with children, adolescents, adults, families and pets at my individual consultations, workshops and classes.

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