They feel fear, anger, jealousy, and sadness just like us. Bach Flower Remedies help our animals with their negative emotions, when they are out of emotional balance. Bach Flower Remedies are suitable for use for all animals including: dogs, cats, birds, horses, rabbits, lizards. The most popular remedy for pets is  Rescue Remedy and have been used successfully on animals who have experienced trauma, fear of thunder or firework, separation anxiety, or dislike visit to the Vets or Groomer. 

RESCUE REMEDY PET is recommended by veterinarians worldwide. It helps calm all types of animals including dogs, cats, horses or birds during stressful situations. It is an alcohol-free formula available in two convenient  sizes: 20 ml and 10 ml dropper bottles especially for your pets.


Common usage times include:

·       Visit to the Vet or Groomer

·       Stress caused by loud noises (thunderstorms, fireworks)

·       Excessive barking or hissing caused by stress

·       Separation anxiety

·       Travel

·       Adapting to new surroundings



Directions on how to give the Bach Remedies to animals: 

Take 4 drops from original Rescue Remedy bottle orally as often as needed. Rescue Remedy can be rubbed on the animals gums, ears or paws or you can add 4 drops to the drinking water. 

In addition to Rescue Remedy there are total of 38 Bach Flowers Remedies that can help all emotional imbalances ranging from fears, hyperactivity, jealousy, over-protective, possessive, overly-needy, lack  of self-confidence, inability to learn and anything in between.

To make a treatment bottle you get a 30 ml/1oz mixing bottle and add 2 drops of each Original Bach Flower Remedy. You can combine up to 7 remedies in a treatment bottle. As preservative (optional) you can add 1 tsp of vegetable glycerin. Then you fill bottle with water. From this mixture you give your pet 4 drops 4 times a day until it feels better.

You can also add 2 drops from each remedy to your pets drinking bowl, or rub a little on their paws or ears 4 times a day.


Under no circumstances do not drop from dropper bottle directly into an animal’s mount. This is not due to anything in the remedies, but to the fact that the dropper tube is made of thin glass and could be extremely harmful if bitten of or swallowed. The authors have never heard of a case of an animal being harmed in this way, but it is essential to follow this safety rule. 

The Bach Flower Remedies are 100% safe for animals.