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       Lana Novak, Director of Procurement

Belgrade, Serbia

I highly recommend Branka! She is very positive person, with great energy and I love her workshops! Bach Therapy helps me a lot. Thank you Branka ❤️


Ali Kazemi, Software Engineer

Los Angeles, California

 Branka did an amazing job with me. She is caring, intuitive and knows her stuff inside-out.  This is an alternative treatment for emotional problems and pain. Game-changer for anxiety, panic, uncertainty, fear and much more. Give it 2-3 weeks to see noticeable impact. 

Scarlet Connolly, Art Studio Manager 

Solana Beach, California

I very much enjoyed Branka as a trainer. She is knowledgeable, patient, and flexible, and she was open to answering any questions or confusions I had through the course. I very much enjoyed hearing her own personal story about how she came to be involved in the Bach word, and she is someone I hope to stay in touch with throughout my journey to becoming a practitioner.

Nercy Ebrahimi, Director of Engineering 

Los Angeles, California

Excellent, professional, and effective service with positive results. I highly recommend Bach Flowers Therapy by Branka Radakovic.

Marianne J. Writer

Malibu, California

 Branka was an amazing teacher-very thorough and informed. She blended her own experiences with the essences beautifully with the teaching materials!! I highly recommend her. 

Nela Novak, Medical Professional

Belgrade, Serbia

I really like Bach flowers  therapy, it helped me with my fear of flying. I am so grateful to Branka and I recommend her as a very professional and dedicated person. I attended her workshops and had such a lovely time

Ryan Ebrahimi, Student 

Los Angeles, California

Fantastic remedy program/treatment. I used a 7-fold combination of flower remedies that helped me reduce my anxiety, focus and concentrate on schoolwork, reduce stress, and also helped by motivating me to start and finish the tasks I needed to do. Quite honestly is surprising how well it really works.

Claudia Christofi, Medical professional

Los Angeles, California

It was great taking Bach flowers class with Branka, she was very patient, and she always asked if we need more explanation or examples of situations. She was very accommodating and clear on through the class. It was a wonderful experience. 

Darko Kuzmanovic , Artist

Belgrade, Serbia

I am really surprised by the effect of this therapy. I've been a big sceptic about alternative approaches to solving psychosomatic problems, but this really works. Branka interviewed me in detail and made me a mix of Bach drops that worked magically. In nature, there are all the medicines we need, but we have forgotten to use it in the right way. Thanks to beautiful Branka who selflessly give herself through this practice. I am smiling again and with less sorrow walking through every new day.