RESCUE REMEDY is the most popular remedy from Bach Flower remedies collection. This is your FIRST AID in any stressful situation. 
This remedy is a special formula and combination of 5 different essences. Rescue remedy give us an immediate effect in any stressful situation. While all others 38 remedies dealing with long term problems, helping us eliminate negative emotions layer by layer, this remedy will help us in an urgent situation when we need help right now.  We can use Rescue Remedy before, during and after crises. 

The most common situations are: traumatic events, bed news, state of shock, panic, and all situations when we are out of control, before exam, job interview, before flying, visiting dentist, situations of natural disasters, epidemics, accidents, allergic reactions after therapy or vaccination, etc,..
Rescue Remedy will quickly get us back in our balance, so we can  be in control and deal calmly with any situation.
Developed more then 80 years ago, and trusted for generations, Rescue Remedy brand has helped millions around the world to have less stress, stay calm and in control.
Many people carry Rescue Remedy spray in their purse, car, at the office, or diaper bag. 
You never know when you need it !