The Bach International Education Program (BIEP) is a 3-tier training program about the Bach Flower Remedies which is approved by the Bach Centre, UK.. This program ranges from an introductory level 1 and 2 , to practitioner training level 3. 
The program is designed to teach the safe and simple healing system of Dr. Edward Bach. 

The level 1 course is Bach Centre approved course for beginners who want to learn more about Dr Bach system, and how to use 38 flowers in everyday life situations and challenges. 
Level 1 is the essential foundation for a complete understanding of Dr Bach’s work, and first step in 3-tier BIEP program.

  • Level 1 introduces students to each of the 38 Bach Original Flower Remedies, and to the philosophy of self-help and simplicity of the system. 

  • You will learn how to select the right Bach Flower remedies for yourself and use them in your everyday daily life situations and challenges.

  •  You will learn basics such as how to  and when to take them.

  • You will learn how to help yourself, your family and friends to achieve emotional balance. 

  • You will receive at the end the certificate and have an option to continue your education to Level 2 and 3 educational program.



Level 1 course is available as a classroom based or in an online course format. 

This course will requires 12 hours to complete, and it will be scheduled in 4 days.  3 hours class per day. 

For all of you who are interested to start your own practice as a certified BFRP it is required to complete all 3 levels (1,2,3) 

After you finish all 3 levels you will acquire title as certified Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner, and you will be ready to start your own professional carrier. 

I will be your mentor and support you through this beautiful learning program.

Looking forward to work with you!