Consultation with Bach Flower Practitioner

Consultation with Bach Flower Practitioner is the essence of the Bach Flower Therapy and most valuable part before choosing the right flower combination for you.            

Bach Flower Practitioner is a trained person with special skills and a professional  approach to assess your mental/emotional condition, and suggest the right flowers combination for YOU.

Only the right combination will have the real and full effect.

In practice, people sometimes choose flowers by themselves, but non professional assessment can lead to ineffective results. 
That’s why people could have wrong conclusion that flowers are not working. 

Therefore, it is really important to choose the right  Practitioner for you, to whom you can trust and  who can treat your problems effectively and professionally.

Certified Bach Flower Practitioners are educated by approved Bach Centre programe, and they work under Bach Foundation Code of Practice, which guarantees high standards and safe framework for practitioners and clients. 

Consultation with me

I offer free initial 15 min consultation. This is the opportunity for you to explain your concerns, ask questions, and learn more about my practice. Once we complete this, you can decide if I am the right for you, and we can schedule our first appointment. 

Consultation with me  considering 1 hour of conversation. We are discussing  together what is on the surface in this very moment. 
During the interview, I am asking specific questions to identify your mental/emotional condition, and situations that are the most challenging for you.                                                    We are discussing  what is on the surface in this very moment, discovering your internal  blockages, and emotional patterns that might stuck you in, or that may have destructive influence on your life. 
Our main goal is to help you transform your negative emotions to the positive ones, and to set goals for achieving emotional balance you need, so you can fulfill your  potentials for better quality of your life. 
This system is self-help system and you will learn how to relay on your self, and your own capacities. 
I am here to teach you how to use this system,  what remedies can help you in this process, and how to select and blend the flower remedies for your self.

Working on yourself is your biggest and most important investment. This is the process of constant learning. 
It’s not always  easy for us to be aware of our own emotions, but when we are ready to face them through  consultation, we are half way to the solution. 

At the end of the consultation  you will receive your specific combination of Bach Flower Remedies and instructions for usage and dosage. 

* I do not offer mixed flower remedies bottles. This service is included only as a part of my personal consultation.