Girli in the flower fild

How do they work and what they treat ?

During our lives we come across various difficulties. Emotional problems increases overtime collecting negative emotions layer by layer. These layers of negative emotions could creating blocks in our way  to live our life in emotional balance and harmony. Those layers cover the basic core of the problem. 

Bach Flower Remedies help us to remove and eliminate these surface layers of suppressed negative  emotions that are carried for months or even years. 
They also helps us to acquire new virtues and skills that will open our full potentials and capacities for better quality of our life. 

After deep cleaning layer by layer our main goal is to reach the cause of the problem.
We are treating the real cause, not only the effect and symptoms of the problem. 
These remedies have individual approach, and  treat individual working on specific emotional condition of the person concerned. 
Two people with the same complaint could have completely different cause of the problem and may benefit from different remedies. 
For example: headache is a physical  symptom and the cause of this headache can be completely different for 2 different people. Bach flowers will treat the cause of each person individually. 
Bach Flowers remedies stimulating one's own potential for self-healing, and transform negative attitude into positive one.
Bach Flower Remedies treat all negative mental-emotional states  human beings could have.

Each flower works on specific negative emotions or mental state as: fear, anger, hate, resentment, despair, rage, grief, guilt, shame, hypersensitivity, sadness, lack of confidence, low self esteem, impatience, insecurity, stubbornness, intolerance,.. and help us to transform them into positive human qualities: love, compassion, self confidence, empathy, peace of mind, wisdom, courage, tolerance, patience,..

They are very gentle, but very effective as they can completely remove old and chronic trauma that we were facing for years, and in the same time work on everyday problems and temporary crises.

Bach flowers remedies restore our emotional balance.

They can treat all kind of short or long term life crises:
For examples:  family problems, relationship issues, traumatic and post traumatic experiences, big life changes and transitions (moving, job loss, divorce, pregnancy, menopause, first day at school,..) fears & panic attacks, stress related issues, fatigue, insomnia, night mares,  bad self image, impulsive behavior, loneliness, sadness, pessimism, perfectionism, insecurity, adhd symptoms, lack of focus, learning problems, allergies, laziness, lack of motivation, jet leg, and many, many more..

Today these safe and gentle remedies are successfully used for more the 80 years world-wide  by private individuals, medical and complementary health practitioners, counselors, dentists, vets and healers.